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Connecting great brands with great locations®

The Company

Prime Sites Inc., is the leading commercial real estate consulting team. Our trademark says it all.
“Connecting great brands with great locations”®

We represent brands in Florida and Nationally in their search for prime sites. Our trademark represents a promise we make to our clients. It is the end result of a very methodical process that we ourselves developed and that sets us apart from and far ahead of most other real estate consultants. We represent a select group of tenants and landlords and have forged strong partnerships based on years of expertise and successfully delivering on our promises.

Our Mission

To bring people to shop, eat, work, play and live in a vibrant urban or suburban setting that can be enjoyed for years to come. Leave a lasting legacy in the community by working with clients and projects that pass the test of responsible development, and have the potential to become future landmarks.
“At Prime Sites Inc. our client’s market education is our number one goal”



Monette brings street-smart marketing knowledge to Prime Sites. She has 20 years of experience in restaurant and retail marketing including former positions as regional marketing director for Horn & Hardart (Florida), Wendy’s of South Florida and Godfather’s Pizza, and as public relations and promotional coordinator for McDonald’s restaurants in the Southeast Florida market.

Daniel O’GRADY

Yale-educated and a veteran of the International Franchise Association Legal Legislative Committee, Daniel brings a scholarly approach to the art of site selection. His extensive restaurant and retail development experience includes former positions as development executive for Marriott’s Roy Rogers Restaurant Division, International Multifood’s Mister Donut chain, Jiffy Lube International and others.

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