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For the Landlord


Tenant Selection

The right tenants can have a dynamic impact on your development. The wrong tenants or even a flawed tenant selection process, will drain money, waste precious time and ultimately create a negative impression on a landlord's asset.

So rather than simply putting up a sign, Prime Sites develops an astute marketing strategy complete with recommendations based on 27 plus years of experience working with tenants and understanding how to harmoniously blend their needs with current and proposed co-tenancy.

Our methodical process includes in-depth demographic analysis, sales and rent comparables, competitive and cost analysis and provides the value and insight of which few other real estate professionals are capable.

Our close relationships with national, regional and local firms allows Prime Sites to obtain quick decisions and immediate input, eliminating costly wasted time and ultimately allows for proper planning.


Tenant Analysis

  • Who are a potential tenant’s customers?
  • What competition currently exists in the area?
  • How might this tenant impact businesses already under your roof?
  • Who are the long-term potential tenants for your site?

The Prime Sites Target Market Plan evaluates current tenant demand in the area, completes a void analysis data review and, determines opportunities for new tenants entering the marketplace. This evaluation is an in-depth look that allows us to arrive at the most profitable and appropriate selection based on your objectives.



Prime Sites assists in the preparation of rent target goals, percentage rent capabilities and common area costs. We also prepare a standard letter of intent and work closely with your legal counsel to manage the lease negotiation process.

Our extensive negotiation experience makes us a strong partner in helping you forge successful long-term relationships that contribute to your overall business success. This goes hand-in-hand with working alongside your construction team to make opening day a smooth and positive experience for all involved.


Design & Marketing Consulting

Clients count on us to play an active role early in the projects design phase to ensure that the planned specifications meet the needs of desirable tenants.

We also collaborate with your marketing team to create demand for the site within the target categories. We know how to create a buzz and catch the eye of the best tenants. Our expertise up-front builds substantial value into the project and lays the groundwork for success.


Additional Services

Prime Sites offers additional services through our subsidiary and Professional Marketing Consultants Inc. including:

  • Expert witness on eminent domain cases
  • Expert witness on related restaurant lease matters
  • Complete franchise planning and development
  • Marketing and public relations consultation
  • Financial evaluations for dispositions and acquisitions

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