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For the Tenant


Site Selection

Prime Sites has developed a focused and managed site selection process for retailers and restaurateurs that includes demographic overview, sales comparisons, daytime population analysis and area competition conditions. In our 27 plus years of experience at Prime Sites, miscalculating a location by just one square block may cost millions by selecting the wrong location. Our recommendations are never arbitrary.

Each market/site is fully researched and investigated to provide clients with a clear insight into why we recommend a specific property and market focus. Our approach is the ideal blend of a Macro and Micro view of target markets. We begin with a comprehensive overview of each market. This strategy helps to uncover potentially unanswered questions and helps our clients to feel more confident in their decision making process. Together we will thoroughly understanding the market, while we review market availability and organize the pursuit and then tackle the specific site opportunities.


Site Analysis

Our Target Market Plan includes analyzing the site on a long-term basis minimize cannibalization in the future. Based on this step-by-step analysis, we make clear and educated recommendations, pinpointing the market/sites we believe are the most viable locations for strong sales and sustained growth.


Process Management/Negotiation

Our clients rely on us to represent them throughout the lease/contract process, assisting in the negotiation of the terms of the lease/purchase to ensure the best possible transaction works now and throughout the term and options of the lease or ownership.

We also guide clients throughout the design and development phase, meeting with all involved parties, from architects to work crews to landlords. The end result is a physical site plan that meets all of the required objectives.


Retail Consulting

We are uniquely qualified to advise our retail clients on a wide range of matters critical to their success. These include disciplined growth objectives, design, construction, management information system and more.

We are also expert marketers who can advise you on how to launch a new retail establishment or penetrate a new market, while building brand image and driving sales.


Additional Services

Prime Sites offers additional services through our subsidiary and Professional Marketing Consultants Inc. including:

  • Expert witness on eminent domain cases
  • Expert witness on related restaurant lease matters
  • Complete franchise planning and development
  • Marketing and public relations consultation
  • Financial evaluations for dispositions and acquisitions

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